Faculty of Medicine, nursing and Health Sciences

In the Addition Integrated Research Program, School of Psychological Sciences, research is underway to understand how the core processes of reward/punishment, learning, cognitive control and decision-making and their neural underpinnings contribute to vulnerability to addiction, to shape different forms of addiction and to influence recovery from addiction. This research has the potential to contribute to:

  • biologically-based and theory-driven classification and diagnosis of addictive disorders;
  • better prognosis of treatments pathways and recovery outcomes;
  • development of biomarkers of addiction recovery; and
  • development of novel interventions to counteract addiction-related weakening of brain function.

More information is available at the faculty website.

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What's in the app

Tilt Task is a psychological tool designed for subtly changing aspects of brain functioning to help improve eating habits.

This app requires an access code that is provided to participants in the research project. To enquire about joining as a participant, please contact Research Fellow Naomi Kakoschke.

Due to the sensitive nature of most of its content, limited screenshots are available.

Disclaimer: This app should be seen as a tool to guide your eating habits; it should not take the place of seeking advice from a healthcare professional.