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(1) How To Launch an App Without Spending A Fortune: You shouldn’t invest a single dollar or minute until you know this…

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If you've got a new idea for an app and haven't seen anything like it, if you’ve enquired about the cost to build it and it's well beyond your budget, if you're frustrated that large development firms are too expensive or have minimum project sizes, if you've tried to find friends and family who can volunteer their time or invest some money, and you still feel constrained with finances and wondering how you're going to build your app; then you’re about to read the letter you’ve been waiting for. Here’s why…



Is This Really For You?

I need someone to -

  • understand the long-term potential in my idea and who is willing to work with me towards that
  • help me create a convincing prototype or business plan without spending a fortune so I can get external funding
  • guide me on how to use my smaller budget effectively so I can start building this idea
  • work out my next steps so I’m not left in the dark

Does this sound familiar?


Maybe you’ve got extra time that you want to use effectively, maybe you’re on a weekly rinse and repeat schedule that doesn’t give you the excitement you’re looking for, and maybe this isn’t the first time you’ve had an idea for an app - in fact, the last time you had one, it wasn’t long before you saw someone else release it onto the App Store. Every month you wait, you are losing out on the opportunity that your idea presents. 

You’ve Clearly Got The Drive! You've just been misinformed. Launching an app for the first time should NEVER be expensive. Spending large before you know you have users is just SILLY!

With that said, here is:

How To Launch an App Without Spending A Fortune

(1) Identify your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

You wouldn’t sell snow shovels in Melbourne. Likewise, you wouldn’t launch an app and cross your fingers that people would download it. You’re investing at the end of the day, which means you need to test your theory and identify your market.

What is the problem you are setting out to solve? And what are the minimal set of features you need in a product to solve that problem? The first version of your app should have all those features and no more.

Step 2: Create and test your design prototype


Give your product some visual form and context as to how your users will be interacting with it. Then find a test group, formed from your most unbiased friends and family, send them your design prototype or present it to them, and get their feedback. It’s important that your test group isn’t formed from one area of your life such as your weekly soccer team or yoga buddies. Make a diverse group that represents the entire market you think would use your app.

Not all great ideas will work for a smartphone. Consider a website or alternative form if it could better deliver your product. The most important question here is: Should I use an app to deliver this product? If the answer is no, I have just saved you a lot of money.

Step 3: Develop and test your prototype


If you’ve done all the previous steps well, development should be speedy and stress-free, even if you’re a non-developer. Most importantly, it will likely be affordable. Once again, you want to deliver the app to your test group first, get feedback and improve. You want to continue this cycle - test, obtain feedback, improve - until you are confident that it is ready to deploy publicly. And when it is; CONGRATULATIONS! You have just launched an app without spending a fortune.

Who We Are And Why You Should Listen...

We are a team of designer developers located across Melbourne and Sydney. We don’t rent office space and we don’t have a headquarters. We don’t need it! It removes our overheads and means our clients are not paying for them. We operate a lean business model (which we encourage our clients to do) focused on working with our clients over the long-term.

We take on a variety of projects. From researchers at Monash University and the University of Melbourne, to small business owners, to joint ventures and ideas that we are invested in ourselves.

We aren’t all technical. Our team also consists of business thinkers. That's why, when you build an app with us, you won't feel as though there is a disconnect when you’re trying to convey your idea to us! And it is why we only want to build apps that help your business grow.

PROOF: From MVP --> Design Prototype --> Prototype

Jensen, a managing partner for a Melbourne law firm, had an idea for an app that would allow buyers and sellers of real estate to make more data-driven and informed decisions.

Even though he had no prior experience in building apps, as a savvy business thinker, he understood the importance of thorough planning before execution.

Spending about a month full-time in planning, Jensen was able to formulate:

  • a release schedule including the initial and later versions of the app
  • a monetisation strategy without charging his users
  • a design prototype of his MVP so he could gather the look and feel of the finished product

All without investing a single dollar into development!

Better yet, Jensen’s diligent planning means that there are no more important decisions to be made when development proceeds. THIS IS CRUCIAL! Good developers know that development is only an execution of a well thought-out plan. 

By understanding the importance of thorough planning, without investing considerable sums of money, Jensen has:

  • discarded of unnecessary spending
  • established confidence that there is a product to market fit for his idea
  • created a roadmap and growth plan over the next few years

We have helped Jensen build his first functional prototype and are currently conducting closed beta testing before the app is released to market.

We can help you too, here's what we're GIVING AWAY...

A FREE consultation! That’s it! No strings attached! Whether face-to-face or over Skype, we will be there with a developer and non-developer to help you answer these questions about your app idea

  1. How can you bring the idea to fruition without spending an extra dollar unnecessarily?
  2. If you want external or venture capital funding, how can we build towards it in the leanest way?
  3. How do we maximise the value of your idea and, at the same time, avoid the high prices that the industry is charging?

In this session, you will receive custom advice that will give you actionable steps to achieve progress with building your app. And it’s all FREE!

What are we hoping for here? You like our information and you choose us as your developers and technical advisors. Simple! We have all the incentive to put our best food forward when we meet you. The worst case for you - you walk away with a wealth of information. You haven’t wasted your time or spent a single dollar!

A Reason To Act Now...

If you decide that you like our advice, if you decide to engage us before the end of the 2017/18 financial year, you get:

  • 20% off the first deliverable (Solution Description)
  • 12.5% off our development fees

That’s over $650 in savings for a $5,000 budget!

What is a Solution Description? Basically, a business plan that details your app's proposition (a key asset for your MVP) and the solutions including:

  • The development task flow
  • A release schedule
  • The development timeline
  • A design guideline

You'd be able to take it elsewhere and have someone else develop your app. Some of you may even be thinking that. But we are so confident that you'll love working with us that we are giving you 20% off if act reasonably quickly.

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