Believing that it isn't necessary to turn your entire life upside down to look and feel great, brother and sister duo Ben and Laura along with Pulse8 Centre founded the NetFit brand to bring accessible nutrition and fitness plans to people, through the ease and convenience of an online app. NetFit's nutrition and training plans are designed to fit comfortably into users lives whilst still helping them achieve the great body that they desire by teaching them to make smarter decisions and consistency.

More information is available at the NetFit website.



What's in the app

Exercise Plan - 3 prescribed weekly circuits and exercises, 1 pilates and 1 yoga session with video examples, customised for the gym and at home

Food Plan - a curated selection of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack) for seven days that the user pre-selects

Recipes - detailed recipes with a list of ingredients and cooking method for each item

My Recipe Book - a collection of your favourite recipes that you personally compile based on meals you'd like to enjoy again

Live Chat Support - live chat support with experienced personal trainers